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Comprised of architectural photographs and negatives, drawing masters, field notebooks, data book reports, blueprints, maps, and ephemera, these items were created or collected by the Historic American Buildings Survey, or HABS, to document comprehensively the architectural heritage of California and the Western states. HABS was initiated during the Great Depression to put unemployed architects to work and provide architectural, historical, and photographic documentation of historic structures and sites throughout the United States, many of which have since been destroyed. Since 1973, the California Historical Society has served as the state repository for duplicate HABS records generated by the National Park Service for the Western states, including California. HABS records should be an invaluable resource for researchers interested in particular historic buildings; historic preservation in general; the development of architectural photography; and the continuing cultural legacy of the New Deal. And, many of the drawing masters and photographs in the collection have an undeniable aesthetic appeal. Among these are striking photographs taken by Roger Sturtevan, such as these beautiful 1934 photographes of the hydraulic mine and Main Street in Downieville, California.
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California Past & Present(ly) Processed

November 5, 2013 marks the 100-year anniversary of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Designed by Chief Engineer William Mulholland, the aqueduct draws water from the Owens River in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to feed the city of Los Angeles, 233 miles away. This set of images documenting the construction of the aqueduct is part of CHS's Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce collection, housed and digitized in partnership with the University of Southern California.
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THE view from futures past

In the galleries of the California Historical Society, the Unbuilt San Francisco: The View from Futures Past exhibition surveys three ambitious efforts to reimagine the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area as a metropolitan region—Marincello, Yerba Buena Center, and the Ferry Building—reaching beyond plans and models to depict the political, social, and economic challenges to each. This newly produced slideshow brings the exhibition right to your screen.
  Digitizing History: feast for all

Bon Appétit magazine recommends trying a spicy chili rub on the Thanksgiving turkey to liven up the traditional feast in 2013, but that still pales in comparison to the boldness of a roasted ostrich feast. Even the most gloriously plump free-range turkey looks quaint next to these comic photos of a massive bird-turned-meal. Though the exact date of this dining spectacle is unknown, all photographs were taken at Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, California.
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